Génération en révolution
16 March
14 July

Generation in Revolution

French Drawings from the Fabre Museum (1770-1815)
After the French Revolution, a generation of artists emerged that called into question genres and stylistic movements. The drawings from the Fabre Museum bear witness to the patriotic and republican ideal of this pivotal period.

When the French Revolution broke out, an entire generation of artists, most of them students of the famous painter David, reached maturity.

This pivotal period, which upset political and social organization, affected these men who, whether revolutionaries or not, experienced a profound change in their way of living and creating.


Some joined the revolutionary movement, while others exiled themselves mentally or physically; most of them looked above all for ways to survive in a world that was no longer stable.

Although the end of the monarchy and the birth of a patriotic and republican ideal incited artists like David to take inspiration from Antiquity, the representation of intimate and picturesque scenes also enjoyed unprecedented popularity, conveying a renewed sensitivity.


The collection of drawings from the Fabre Museum of Montpellier reflects this artistic reaction, which led to a profound rethinking of genres and stylistic movements that oscillated between Neoclassicism and pre-Romanticism.

The selection of 80 drawings, some of which have never before been exhibited, shows the subtlety with which great names like Girodet, Prud’hon, Gérard and Fabre ensured the transition from the ancient world to that of the nineteenth century during this period when history leaped toward the future.




Michel Hilaire et Rose-Marie Mousseaux


Benjamin Couilleaux et Florence Hudowicz

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