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Since 2013, Paris Musées has grouped the museums of the city and their central services into six departments. Presided by Carine Rolland, Deputy Mayor of Paris for Culture, this public entity under the authority of General Director Anne-Sophie de Gasquet and the Board of Directors has been the driving force behind a global strategy for these museums that is in line with the city’s cultural policy.


Les 14 musées de la Ville de Paris


Thanks to its legal and budgetary independence, Paris Musées is able to respond quickly and provide efficient implementation of museum projects.


This reform of museum governance was in response to the desire of the City of Paris to give greater visibility and dynamism to municipal museums. Federated inside an institution with an international scope, they carry out three main missions:

  • The enrichment and preservation of the municipal collections, as well as their promotion, with online availability of the works following a large-scale digitizing operation; development of research; and the scheduling of events and new presentations that are designed to make the City’s collections more well known. These collections have been available free of charge to visitors since 2001.
  • The programming of exhibitions and the creation of high-level publications that contribute to the cultural wealth of the capital and its national and international reputation.
  • The development and expansion of audiences through a reinforced educational policy and special attention paid to visitor comfort and cultural outreach. Today, the museums of the City of Paris welcome over three million visitors. The goal is to continue this dynamic and contribute to democratizing access to culture.

Board of Directors and Management


The “Paris Musées” public entity was created at a Council of Paris meeting on June 20.


Anne-Sophie de Gasquet, has been General Director of the Paris Musées public entity since 2021.


The Paris Musées Board of Directors includes:

  • Mr. Christophe Girard, President
  • Mme. Afaf Gabelotaud, Vice President
  • Mme. Geneviève Bertrand
  • Mr. Martin Béthenod
  • Mme. Céline Boulay-Esperonnier
  • Mr. Jean-François Chougnet
  • Mr. François-David Cravenne
  • Mr. Bernard Gaudillère
  • Mr. Bruno Julliard
  • Mme. Gaïta Leboissetier
  • Mme. Antoinette Le Normand-Romain
  • Mme. Sandrine Mées
  • Mme. Fadila Mehal
  • Mme. Catherine Vieu-Charier


Christophe Leribault represents the museum directors and Amélie Simier is the alternate.


Informations légales et administratives de Paris Musées

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