Sarah Moon
18 September
4 July

Sarah Moon

The Musée d’Art Moderne is organising the first retrospective in a French museum of work by Sarah Moon.

Moon (b.1941) is primarily recognized as a major fashion photographer who has been active in France since the 1970s. But her work is not confined to that domain, and the exhibition aims to convey the distinctiveness of both her photographic and her film work, which alternates between fairytale and grim romanticism. From her photographs, where surprise and the unexpected play a major role, a body of work has emerged that can be compared to experimental research. Sarah Moon describes it as a “ballad”. Beyond the subjects – animals, plants, flowers and fairy tales –, the presence of the photographer as narrator is felt throughout her work. The exhibition will be punctuated by films by Sarah Moon. Their variety gives an insight into the breadth of her creative range. A section of the exhibition will also be devoted to her partner, Robert Delpire (1926-2017), an art publisher and one of the founders of the Centre National de la Photographie (“National Photography Centre”, now the Jeu de Paume).



Fanny Schulmann, curator of collections


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