6 February
16 August

Eduardo Arroyo: The Human Comedy

The exhibition presents some thirty paintings, collages and drawings, produced after 2014 by Eduardo Arroyo, who brought his detailed knowledge of Balzac to an examination of his own memories and a reflection on the process of memory. He sketched an autobiography with portraits of characters from the novels, portraits of the writer, and also representations of the places where he lived.

Following a first exhibition of these works in Madrid in 2015, Arroyo pursued his research by focusing on the characters, this time with the idea of producing an illustrated edition of Balzac’s The Human Comedy. The project was thwarted by Arroyo’s death, but he had already produced many portraits of characters from the novels. These works by Arroyo represent the first attempt by a major artist to illustrate La Comédie humaine.


Public et Horaire

  • Enfant / Adolescent
  • Famille
  • Adulte


Maison Balzac
Maison de Balzac

47, rue Raynouard
75016 Paris


  • Enfant / Adolescent
  • Famille
  • Adulte
DP Exposition Arroyo
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