Bandeau Chana
15 November
31 March

Chana Orloff

Sculpting an era
The musée Zadkine is the first French museum to devote a monographic exhibition to Chana Orloff (1888-1968), one of the most famous sculptors of the École de Paris.

The exhibition looks back on the career of this extraordinary artist, who was born in Ukraine to a Jewish family before she emigrated to Palestine and later to Paris in 1910 to study haute couture. Once she began frequenting Montparnasse artists, Chana Orloff gave up her initial trade to devote herself exclusively to sculpture and quickly became one of the most sought-after portraitists of her time. From the artist’s beginnings in Montparnasse to the revival of her sculpture after 1945, this chronological and thematic exhibition parallels Chana Orloff and Ossip Zadkine’s works, focusing on themes that both artists explored at various times in their lives, such as portraits and the human figure, as well as the female body and animals.

The exhibition is organised in partnership with the Ateliers-musée Chana Orloff.

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Musée Zadkine
Musée Zadkine

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Chana Orloff, Dame à l’éventail, 1920

Chana Orloff, Dame à l’éventail, 1920, bois, plâtre, bronze © Chana Orloff, ADAGP, Paris, 2023 2. Vue de l'atelier du musée Zadkine © Paris Musées

Head curators

Cécilie Champy-Vinas, directror of the musée Zadkine,

Expert curators 

Pauline Créteur, research fellow at the BnF

Éric Justman and Ariane Tamir, associate curators for the Ateliers-musée Chana Orloff.