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Companies and Foundations

Being a partner of Paris Musées involves supporting and contributing to the development of a network of 14 museums and heritage sites in the heart of Paris all of which represent emblematic aspects of the city's cultural and artistic diversity. You become involved with an institution that works, day in day out, to ensure that its collections and programming are made known to all, and that all its visitors have access to this exceptional heritage.
Whether you are a company or an individual, your support is essential to our work.

    Paris Musées: About us

    1. A unique umbrella organisation for the City of Paris's fourteen museums that handles more than three million visitors each year
    2. Outstanding cultural venues all over Paris, from artists' and writers' houses to museums of art and history, as well as the Catacombs
    3. A collection that stretches back through the ages, from prehistory to the present day, with nearly 280,000 works available online
    4. An institution that places the visitor at the heart of its concerns and creates programmes suitable for every kind of public
    5. A programme of more than twenty exhibitions per year on such varied subjects as: fine arts, modern art, contemporary art, history, fashion, and literature.


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    A commitment to making our exceptional cultural heritage available to everyone 

    Since 2001, the permanent collections of the City of Paris museums have been open to visitors free of charge. This policy of accessibility reflects Paris Musées' determination to attract the widest possible range of people to its museums. Thanks to its programme of high-quality exhibitions and activities as well as projects targeting audiences with little or no cultural background, Paris Musées fulfils a social and public-interest mission. Each contribution makes it that much more possible to make art and culture accessible to everyone.

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    Musée Cernuschi

    Educate people about culture and raise awareness of your commitment

    Becoming a corporate partner of Paris Musées enhances a company's institutional image by associating it with the reputation of these prestigious museums. Every major project undertaken by Paris Musées involves a major publicity campaign in which the partners are actively involved.

    A partnership initiative is also beneficial to a company's in-house communications. The company's teams receive information about sponsored projects and are encouraged to become involved in them thanks to the special advantages offered by Paris Musées (e.g. preferential admission to exhibitions and cultural programmes, free passes, private visits, and more).


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    Petit Palais Nocturne

    Public Relations titre

    The 14 City of Paris museums can provide stunning locations for your corporate events. These spaces, some of which can accommodate up to 700 people, can be made available to partners under very favourable conditions.

    Becoming a Paris Musées corporate partner is also a way of bolstering your network of economic decision-makers, enjoying a good relationship with the museum network and, more broadly, with the City of Paris. When you become involved with Paris Musées, you join a dynamic network of partner companies.

    Bespoke sponsorships

    Each partnership is unique and enables us to provide for your specific needs in terms of visibility, access to the museums, and the use of the museum spaces. The Paris Musées sponsorship team will be delighted to explain our current projects and talk about your commitments and requirements.


    Projects you can support

    There are many different ways that companies can contribute to the development and outreach of these fourteen constantly evolving museums:

    • Support our exhibitions to make it possible for prestigious artistic events to take place and to provide original and educational mediation
    • Contribute towards the acquisition or restoration of works of art in order to expand and enrich the collections of the museums and to raise their profile beyond Paris
    • Contribute to the restoration and refurbishment of the Paris museums to promote this exceptional architectural heritage and take it into the 21st century
    • Be involved in the implementation of an ambitious policy of accessibility for every type of public: extra-mural exhibitions, booklets to facilitate visits, thematic workshops, partnerships with people working in the social sector, and more.

    Ways to support us


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    Cernuschi Trésors Kyoto 


    Patronage can be defined as material support provided, through a donation in cash, in kind or in skills, to an organisation of public interest. Patronage is a philanthropic act and does not entail a direct quid pro quo from the beneficiary to the patron. However, French law allows the beneficiary to thank the patron by granting compensatory privileges as long as there is a "significant disproportion" between the sums donated and the value of the service rendered – within an admissible limit of 25% of the amount of the donation.  

    Patronage also entitles the donor to a reduction in French corporate income tax of 60% of the amount of the donation, up to a maximum of 0.5% of pre-tax turnover.

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    Musée d'Art Moderne


    Sponsorship can be defined as material support for an event, a person, a product or an organisation, with a view to procuring a direct commercial return from that support. Sponsorship schemes are considered to be commercial activities intended to promote the image of the sponsor and are invoiced on a VAT taxable basis.

    In a sponsorship transaction, the sponsor enjoys compensation equivalent to their commitment.

    Some examples of advantages to sponsors

    Our partners and sponsors enjoy a privileged relationship with the City of Paris museums and many advantages, too:

    • powerful image association and special visibility in our publications
    • a deduction from corporation tax of 60% of the amount of the donation, up to a limit of 0.5% of turnover.
    • preferential access to our exhibitions and collections
    • prestigious events for your customers and employees

    Our team is always available to discuss tailor-made solutions with you.

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