«Welcome to the Underworld»

Publié le 13 October 2021

For the first time the Paris Catacombs are open for a VOD tour !

Featuring an exclusively in-depth exploration of the Catacombs, archive images
plus a scientific commentary, this video tour takes you on a journey back in
time and answers the big questions: why does a labyrinth even exist 25 metres
underground? Why are there more Parisians underground than on the surface?
How is this underground network, which dates back to the Middle Ages, still
maintained and preserved?

Hosted by curator Maximilien Durand, geographer and engineer Jules Querleux
and anthropologist Grégory Delaplace, this tour reveals a treasure trove of
historical, archaeological and geological anecdotes about the Catacombs. From
the Lutetian era to the present day, through the hygiene reforms of the 18th
century, this excursion into the very bowels and history of Paris offers a whole
new vision of the ossuary.

Practical information

Duration : 40 min 

Languages : French / English

Subtitles : French / English 

Price : 5 euros/ 3 euros with the Paris Musées Pass 

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