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Paris Musées Pass: five good reasons to subscribe!

Make taking advantage of art and culture in City of Paris museums your New Year’s resolution!

Do you want 2019 to be under the sign of culture and exhibitions in Paris?

Turn your wish into reality. Give yourself a subscription to the Paris Musées Pass. This annual pass gives you unlimited access to all City of Paris museums exhibitions.

Not yet convinced? Here are five good reasons that show you why the Paris Musées Pass is a must-have for all Parisians and art lovers!


1] Unlimited visits to numerous exhibitions

Exposition au Petit Palais

(c) Pierre Antoine

With the Paris Musées Pass, visit the temporary exhibitions of the City of Paris museums at your convenience and free of charge!

You can even go back to a temporary exhibition you particularly liked. And you’ll have lots to choose from because the Paris Musées Pass applies to all City of Paris museums (except for the Archeological Crypt on Ile de la Cité and the Paris Catacombs).


2] No more waiting

File d'attente devant le Petit Palais

Tous droits réservés

No more two-hour waiting lines! With the Paris Musées Pass, go directly to the exhibition entrance without having to wait to purchase a ticket.
You’ll be free to visit an exhibition without having to sacrifice your entire morning.

3] Special rates

Offres partenaires Paris Musées

Tous droits réservés

There are discounts for concerts, season tickets and shows.

Each month, the Paris Musées Pass offers you special rates for partner institutions. A monthly newsletter keeps you abreast of these leisure offers at a bargain price!


4] You can take a friend along!

Exposition Trésors de Kyôto

© Paris Musées - Louise Allavoine.jpg

For just €20 extra per year (€60 instead of €40), you can take a friend with you to all City of Paris exhibitions with the Paris Musées Pass for two.

It’s very handy for couples or for inviting a friend or relative to “share” an exhibition with you!


5] Because it’s a bargain!

Carte Paris Musées

Tous droits réservés

The basic Paris Musées Pass costing €40 pays for itself with just three visits!

Since dozens of exhibitions are organized each year at City of Paris museums, the Paris Musées Pass is an extremely cost-effective solution for enjoying exhibitions in Paris!



Want to give it a try? Apply for your Paris Musées Pass now!

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