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Exhibitions in the museums of the City of Paris in the autumn of 2022

Publié le 28 August 2022

In keeping with the philosophy of the City museums, the programme for upcoming exhibitions will continue to be ambitious, open and accessible to all types of public.

The end of 2022 will be marked by several major exhibitions in the museums of the City of Paris. First of all, great discoveries or re-discoveries will be featured, with the exhibitions Oskar Kokoschka and Francisco Tropa at the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris, Walter Sickert and André Devambez at the Petit Palais, Louis Boulanger at the Maison de Victor Hugo.

Women artists will be celebrated in exhibitions devoted to Frida Kahlo at the Palais Galliera and Zoe Leonard at the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris.

This season will also be an opportunity to explore major historical and cultural events. The exhibition Parisian Woman. at the Carnavalet Museum - History of Paris will focus on women's struggles for their civil rights, while at the Cernuschi Museum, L'Encre en mouvement will describe painting styles in China in the 20th century – and be an opportunity to see the museum's latest acquisitions.

The 2022-2023 season will also see the full re-opening of the Bourdelle Museum after ambitious renovation work and a re-design of its exhibition circuit. The Zadkine Museum will celebrate its 40th anniversary with an exceptional exhibition devoted to a life in studios – Une vie d'ateliers. These two events will provide an opportunity to showcase the two museums – both artists' studios and unique among the museums of the City of Paris. 

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Calendar of the next exhibitions

These exhibitions and collection events will be accompanied by a programme of events spanning the disciplines (music, dance, theatre, literature) and a new offer for families, all designed to encourage sharing the experience of art across the generations.

Our programme will be rooted in a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of Paris Musées' activities, which is one of our priorities for the years to come. Paris Musées is very keen on exhibitions being eco-designed and is expanding its commitment to eco-responsibility in all its activities as well as in the management of its buildings.