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Publié le 16 March 2020

The 14 City of Paris museums have been closed since October 30. However, there are many ways to visit our collections online using various possibilities, such as videos, apps, digitized art works and suggested pathways. Whether you are confined in your home, parents of children who are unable to attend school or art lovers in search of stimulation, Paris Musées comes to your screen in a thousand ways. Follow the guide!

If you have children, visit...


Designed for children, the Museosphere platform lets you make a 360-degree visit to 13 museums and heritage sites of the City of Paris! You can go, for example, to “Bourdelle Museum” and discover the artist’s former studio from floor to ceiling by sliding your mouse. Even more surprising is the virtual visit to the Catacombs or the Archeological Crypt on Ile de la Cité, whose remains date from Antiquity. Click on one of the small colored spheres and a short informative text will be displayed. Read the text out loud to everyone in the family or let your children make a visit by themselves if they are ten or older!

If your teenagers are bored (or need to study)...


On the collection portal, Paris Musées makes available over 300,000 digital reproductions of works from the City of Paris museums. It’s free of charge, the images are in high resolution and you can take a virtual stroll! It will entertain the teens in your home and even help them to study remotely. If they are preparing a literary baccalaureate focusing on Hernani (1830) by Victor Hugo, tell them about the Maison de Victor Hugo with its digitized collections.

● To access the collection portal:

If you’re nostalgic for a guided tour...

Parcours Thématique

Do you think it’s impossible to replace the museum experience and the knowledgeable warmth of an expert guide? Let yourself be tempted by the “themed pathways” that accompany the digitized collections mentioned above.

For example, by following “Paris 1900”, you will go to three different museums without ever leaving your couch and track some fifty key works, with various explanations and high-resolution illustrations. Are you a fashion fan? Follow “Feminine Fashion and Sports, 1880-1939”! Do you love modern painting? Discover the painter Lee Ungno (1904-1989) in 29 works. There’s something for everyone!

● To access the themed pathways:

If you love documentaries...

Petit Palais

Don’t feel like reading? Paris Musées is also present on YouTube and Dailymotion, where over 450 videos are available free of charge. You can choose among exhibition visits, interviews with curators, focuses on specific themes, partnerships with YouTubers and special reports.

● Visit our YouTube channel here and Dailymotion here


If you’re a smartphone addict...

Appli MAM

Paris Musées provides four apps for smartphones and touch tablets:

Carnavalet tells all about the history of Paris, step by step, on your phone:


Discover the new collection pathways at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris:


Let the museum visit companion guide you in discovering the Museum of the Liberation of Paris – Museum of General Leclerc – Jean Moulin Museum!


With the incredible “Second Canvas” app, you can now contemplate works from the City of Paris museums in very high resolution!


If you’re well equipped (3D printer, VR headset)...

Atelier Bourdelle

Virtual reality lovers can visit the Bourdelle Museum as an immersive experience! If you have a VR headset at home, you can get up close to the statues and objects and manipulate them. You’ll learn all about the life and work of Bourdelle with audio tracks, photos, videos and 3D characters.


Finally, you can use the Sketchfab platform to admire and manipulate from all angles the 26 masterpieces from our museums that have been digitized in 3D. And if you have a 3D printer (lucky you!), you can even print them!



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