The public institution Paris Musées

illustration graphique établissement public Paris Musées



Until January 2013, municipal museums were directly managed by the City of Paris. Since then, Paris Musées has incorporated in the same public institution the 14 City of Paris’ Museums, City employees in charge of museum management and collection monitoring, and former limited company Paris Musées SAS : Publishing House and exhibitions producer. 

This reform was decided by Paris mayor, Bertrand Delanoë to promote and enhance the City of Paris Museums’ network.

Paris Musées is an "établissement public local, à caractère administratif",  that brings together all different departments working for museums in a single entity of about 1000 employees. The head office is located at  27, rue des Petites Ecuries in Paris. 

This new entity, independent from the City of Paris’ administration, has an autonomous legal personality that should facilitate management and responsiveness, as it has been the case for major National Museums.  The advantage of having a unique entity is to be able to implement a more coherent strategy therefore allowing economies of scale and better interactions between museums.

Three priorities have been fixed by the City of Paris :

  •  Develop and highlight the museums’ collections 

Through their computerization and digitization, research development, programming of events aimed to increase the awareness of the municipal collections (accessible for free since 2001).

A seminar will be organized in October 2013 in partnership with the National Institute of Art History (INHA) to develop knowledge on the History of our collections and to pay tribute to our major historical patrons.


  • Produce high quality exhibitions and publications to participate in Paris cultural wealth and international prestige.


  • Develop and expand audience by leading an active educational policy and by giving more attention to visitors’ comfort and educational programs. Today, the City of Paris’ Museums have a global attendance of more than two million visitors; the objective is to cushion this situation while expanding our visitors’ profiles. 




The public institution "Paris Musées" was created on June 20 during a session of the Conseil de Paris.

Paris Counselors:

-Afaf Gabelotaud
-Bernard Gaudillère
-Bruno Julliard
-Christophe Girard
-Sandrine Mées
-Catherine Vieu-Charier
-Céline Boulay-Esperonnier
-Fadila Meha

In addition, 4 qualified personalities are board members:

-Martin BETHENOD, director of the Palazzo Grassi in Venice

-Jean-François CHOUGNET, director of Marseille-Provence 2013

-Gaïta LEBOISSETIER, deputy director in charge of education at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts

-Antoinette Le NORMAND-ROMAIN, executive director of National Institute of Art History

Delphine LEVY, who conducted the reform project, is now the executive director of the public institution Paris Musées.