Shooting and Operation

Divided everywhere in the City and located in unusual places, full of memories, the museums of the City offer a great variety of spots which owing to their patrimonial interest or the originality of their architecture, lend themselves to movies and photos.

From the large galeries in Beaux-Arts’s style of the Petit Palais, to the charming workshop with garden of the Museum of Romantics, from the Buddha’s room of the Cernuschi Museum, to the warm and cosy Salon Bouvier of the Carnavalet Museum, not forgetting the elegant peristyle of the Galliera Palace,  museum of fashion, our museums present a unique setting for every kind of shootings – intimate shot or crowded movie scene, but also artistic, promotional, or commercial photos, inside or outside - in such evocative sets which tell the history of Paris, on its inhabitants and of the artists who have celebrate and promote this famous town, the eternal City of lights.


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