Accordion Player

  • Ossip Zadkine
  • 1922-1926
  • bronze
  • Inv. MZS 072
  • Museum : Paris Musées

Attracted from his earliest years by the idea of using music as a source of inspiration, the theme of the musician recurs very regularly in his work, both sculpted and graphic. “In my compositions, I often introduce musical instruments.Their tonality and murmuring attracts me through obscure forces. The musicality which they radiate and their original form harmonises with the human body which I consider as an instrument”. 

This work displays a clearly Cubist orientation. Zadkine recognised the influence which the paintings of Picasso and Braque had on him. In this context, the accordion is more than a simple accessory; it is an artistic element at the service of an aesthetic: with its interplay of lines, it structures the composition.