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Find out more about the collections of the City of Paris' museums available online. is the City of Paris municipal collection's website. This platform groups together the City of Paris museum collections for the first time.  From Archeology to Contemporary Art, internet users will be able to discover and learn about unique pieces, such as Amedeo Modigliani's "The Woman with Blue Eyes", one of the treasures of the City of Paris Museum of Modern Art, or the Carnavalet  Museum's Julian II gold aureus. Masterpieces are presented alongside rare works, too fragile to be displayed easily. Users may search all City museum collections for views of specific places (such as the Seine) or historical periods, or search by name for artists whose works are displayed in several City of Paris museums (Jean-Antoine Watteau, Hubert Robert, Honoré Daumier or Edouard Vuillard).


Collections portals Joconde and

Some works from the collections of the Cernuschi Museum, Balzac's House, Galliera Museum and the Carnavalet Museum are available on the Joconde database, the  musées de France collections portal. You can look up fact sheets depending on the museum they are linked to on the Joconde web site or by using the collections search engine

-Balzac's House works' fact sheets on Joconde database
-Carnavalet Museums works' fact sheets one Joconde database
-Cernuschi Museum works' fact sheets on Joconde database
-Galliera Museum works' fact sheets on Joconde database groups 790 letters written by Juliette Drouet to Victor Hugo. Maison de Victor Hugo's House in Paris owns more than a 1000 letters and contributed to this website. 


Roger-Viollet picture agency

Lookup pictures of the City of Paris' Museums collections on the Roger-Viollet agency's website. 

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