Become a patron

Détail, boiseries du cabinet chinois de l'hotel du duc de Richelieu, Musée Carnavalet, rénovées avec l'aide de la Getty Foundation. Photo de Gérard Leyris

Art and history museums, charming museums, homes of artists and writers… the fourteen Museums of the City of Paris have various natures and as many projects as you could get involved in.

As a private individual, a foundation, a SME or a multinational, you can contribute to developing the City of Paris’ Museums’ collections and sharing them with the largest possible audience.

By becoming a patron you also become part of the History of these museums that live and contribute to the local community thanks to the support of many generous sponsors since their founding: The Cognacq-Jay and Cernuschi museums for instance would have never come into existence without the passion of private donors.

Your contribution is precious to us and can be decisive in :

- Supporting  an exhibition

- Expanding  and restoring our collections

- Enabling the restoration and enhancement of the Parisian architectural legacy

- Allowing us to maintain our free admissions policy and developing  access for all visitors

Support our museums and benefit from private access to each of the City of Paris’ Museums and to substantial tax deductions.