Label handicap

Visually impaired: a new label for the Maison de Victor Hugo !

After being awarded labels for its reception arrangements for people with motor, hearing or mental impairments, the Maison de Victor Hugo has now achieved the full set with its 4th "Tourisme et Handicap" label – the latest one is for its reception of visually impaired visitors.

A museum for everybody, irrespective of handicap

Since 10 October 2018, the Maison de Victor Hugo now holds all four "Tourisme et Handicap" labels. It is the only museum in the Greater Paris area to have been awarded the full set: motor impairment (since 2007), hearing (since 2010), mental (since 2012), and visual (2018).

Since 2005, the Maison de Victor Hugo has been involved in a project entitled "Accessibility for all". This project aims to improve the quality of its reception arrangements for all visitors, especially those with disabilities.

This commitment to the disabled public is in line with Victor Hugo's humanist philosophy, in favour of access for all to education, support and culture.


Hauteville House
Maison de Victor Hugo - Hauteville House

6 place des Vosges
75014 Paris

Specific measures for people with disabilities

As part of its work with blind and partially sighted people, the museum has introduced specific measures based on the accessibility charter:

  • Creation of a dynamic floor plan on the Museum’s website
  • Optimally enhanced lighting of the displays
  • Floor plans and descriptive texts created in braille and in relief as a matter of routine
  • Museum tours of works that can be touched
  • Discovery by listening to audio descriptions, independently or with a guide
  • Availability of specific material (e.g. magnifying glasses)
  • Coming soon: a guide option for the visually impaired thanks to augmented sound reality (a dedicated interior smartphone GPS to improve accessibility)

The museum staff are also directly involved in this commitment: designated personnel have been trained in all mediation techniques, including sign language proficiency; furthermore, 20% of the staff are themselves disabled.

Find out what measures the Maison de Victor Hugo has put in place for disabled people.