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Chatbot: Paris Musées launches a conversational interface to direct visitors

She is intelligent, sophisticated and knows everything there is to know about the Petit Palais! This is Sarah, the new conversational agent (aka "chatbot"), who has been assigned to answer visitors' questions before they come to the museum, via the museum's account on "Facebook Messenger".

If you have any questions about opening hours, prices, access or current exhibitions, the divine Sarah Bernhardt has stepped out of the famous 1876 portrait by Georges Clairin to give visitors any information they need in order to prepare a visit to the Petit Palais.

In a bid to stay in tune with its social networking public, the Petit Palais has worked with Paris Musées to build "Ask Sarah", a conversational agent or chatbot. This artificial intelligence, which simulates a conversation on the Internet, will draw its answers from a database of information covering the potential needs of visitors.

This practical, online solution is a version of the conversational robot "Ask Mona", pioneered by Marion Carré, founder of the start-up of the same name.

Marion Carré signed a partnership with Paris Musées in 2016 after a call from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication for projects for "Innovative Digital Solutions". She took up the challenge of harnessing innovation and new digital practices to improve customer service.


Test the chatbot: Ask Sarah